An Upbeat, Booty Shaking, Empowering Playlist to Fight the Winter Blahs

HHT Playlist Winter.jpg

Damn, y'all. We are DEEP into winter, and the short, cold, gray, yucky days are starting to wear on me. I can feel my energy and motivation wane as the temperature drops. (How am I supposed to make things happen when I am freaking freezing? UGH!) That's why I curated this upbeat, booty-shaking, blah-fighting, energy-restoring, enthusiasm-building, empowering playlist, and I am listening to it on repeat. I thought y'all might appreciate it too, so I'm passing it along! 

Support comes in all forms.

What songs get you moving? They might end up on the Spring playlist, because empowerment is a year-round effort! (Thanks to those who offered their song suggestions for this playlist!)