My name's Lauren, and it's nice to virtually meet you.

My passion in life is to help other women live bigger, deeper, and more authentically. Since the age of four, I have wanted to be a therapist. (I was a precocious child to say the least.) During my college years, I was introduced to radical feminism and the Riot Grrl movement, which sparked something in me, and I realized what kind of therapist I want to be: a radical, intersectional feminist therapist. I wanted to help women fight the images that they are expected to live up to and create space for their own hopes, dreams, expectations, and that is exactly what I do at Hope and Humor Therapy. Being part of the therapeutic process that helps women feel good about themselves is so powerful! It is amazing to witness the transformation, and I feel so honored to support, guide, and cheer women along the way. 

Professionally, I have been a people supporter since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work in 2008. Currently, I own HHT, where I help women as a licensed clinical social worker. Previously, I have helped families in the foster care system, created statewide resiliency-oriented mental health programs, worked in various hospital settings, and offered long-term therapy through a community agency. My background has helped me build a unique therapeutic perspective grounded in hope, humor, honesty, acceptance, and shared power.

Previous clients have told me that I am down-to-earth, supportive, "real", and awesomely awkward (in the best sense of the phrase).


My therapy godmothers are Beyonce, Gloria Steinem, and Brene Brown. - HHT