Five coaching sessions to jump start a specific change.

Think of it like a fitness boot camp for your mind. Sometimes you need help to learn a new skill or create a particular shift in your life. That's when therapy boot camp is most helpful. We will have five in-person sessions and up to three 15-minute phone sessions to get you moving down a new path. Instead of delving deeply into the roots of an issue and digging around in the deep-seated stuff, we will briefly discuss the origins of the struggle and then move into skill building and solution creation. The goal is for you to learn new ways to think and act in a short period of time.    

The key to a successful therapy boot camp experience is to have a specific issue that you would like to build skills around. Below are a few examples of what can be addressed:

  • Getting comfortable with saying, "No"
  • Creating healthy ways to deal with stress
  • Flexing your empowerment muscles
  • Exploring a change in career
  • Building positive communication skills
  • Effectively navigating social situations
  • Successfully creating attainable goals
  • Increasing your dating skills

If you have an area that you would like to work on but don't see listed, get in touch with me. We'll chat to see if it's right for boot camp or if there's another avenue to support you better.    



We all deserve to feel fucking great about ourselves. - HHT