Personal therapy in a one-on-one setting.

I help Austin women live their best lives possible. We all have our reasons for not living bigger, deeper and more authentically. 

  • Maybe you had a recent life change, and you are questioning how to move forward. 
  • Perhaps you are tired of putting yourself last, but you aren't sure how to put yourself first. 
  • Maybe you struggle with feeling anxious and are tired of getting caught in the awful "what if" loop.
  • Perhaps you have gotten into a relationship and your normally cool self has started to panic. 
  • Maybe you have a perfectionist inner critic that you want to quiet.

We will work together to help you cope with this effectively in the present and to build a path forward to a better future. We will also explore how you ended up in this life pattern in the first place. You don't deserve to live in the position of accepting the least and expecting the worst, no one does. Let me help you move out of that head space!

How I work

Each therapist has their own way of doing therapy. My work is grounded in hope, humor, honesty, acceptance, and shared power. 

I am the therapist for you if:

  • You want to work with someone who asks creative questions, shares a different perspective, and walks you through mental exercises to change the stagnant patterns in your life. 
  • You would like a therapist who wades through the muck with you and will help you work through the discomfort that comes with dealing with your deep-seated shit.
  • You want to work with someone who appreciates that we are all works in progress. We will never be our 100% best selves all of the time. The key is in how you fail and your reaction to the failure. 
  • You would like a therapist who realizes that she can offer you the tools to live differently but ultimately you must change yourself. 
  • You want to work with someone who celebrates their quirkiness and invites you to bring yours into our work

What you can expect from our sessions

I want you to get the most out of therapy. I do not have a criteria for you to meet in order to do "good" therapy work. I see therapy as a partnership. I do not give you the answers to your big life questions. I help you find the answer within yourself. That's how we create this work together. 

Since you know yourself best, you drive the process by telling me what feels like your most pressing need; I help you think differently about it as your guide, questioner, supporter, challenger, and cheerleader. We may spend most of our time talking about one particular issue or a little time on several topics during your therapy. That is all okay! We are still doing "good therapy work". It will look different for each person, and it will certainly not always looks like the Hollywood versions of therapy. (Actually, it may never look like the Hollywood depiction. They rarely get it right.) 


None of us are fully baked cookies. - HHT